ImJai Thai is a small neighborhood restaurant situated in the Belmont neighborhood in SE Portland. After decades of experience as head chef, chef, and cook, at Thai restaurant starting in Los Angeles to Portland. The two sisters, Jai and Nan (Ead), finally decided to start their own story. They want to share family recipes along with the not-so-usual Thai food and dessert with everyone.  Our two simple goals are to share our lifetime of experience in the authenticity of Thai food and dessert, and to make customers feel delighted after eating their food. We refused to cut back cost by using poor quality ingredients, at ImJai Thai, we vow to only use the freshest ingredients and wholeheartedly prepare the food for everyone to enjoy. 
 In Thai, “ImJai” means fullheartedness, or delighted is a perfect name for our restaurant. Jai and Ead, the two sisters has been known within the Thai community here in Portland for catering the type of Thai food and dessert that you cannot find anywhere else but in Thailand. The sisters are very passionate about cooking, they truly want to spread the joy of Thai food like a mother when she cooks for her family. That is how we see things here at ImJai, we treat our customers like family members catering only the best things to our extended members. 

Jai – The elder sister who loves cooking ever since she was a kid. With over 30 years of experience as a Thai chef, Jai is very respected and praised within the Thai community for her secret recipes in many dishes and dessert. She loves cooking so much that on her free time she reads various cookbooks or go on adventures to try new food before coming home to experiment with her cooking style.   

The Chefs

MK – Ead’s husband, although he did not become a chef until much later than Jai and Ead, MK has been honing his skills since a teenager as he prepared food for his parents and six siblings, two of whom are successful restaurant owners in Thailand. Over time, he perfected family recipes that was passed down through generations. 

Ead -The younger sister who also loves cooking almost as much as her sister!  She has over 20 years of experience as a Thai chef. Ead specializes in delicate dishes, dessert, and food carving. Like Jai, her elder sister, she likes to challenge herself with new recipes and perfecting her own recipes.